Betsoft receives approval for entering the Spanish regulated market

Betsoft to start operation in the Spanish regulated market

Bedsoft’s journey into the regulated market in Spain

Betsoft accelerated its strategic push into regulated markets after passing an ISMS test. It is a breakthrough in the growth of Betsoft over the last five years inside approved European markets.

The ISMS Review relies on the thorough inspection of internal processes so that businesses become informed of risks and flaws to protect the security, functionality, and quality of their products.

iTech Lab, a certified online test laboratory worldwide, confirms the stringent testing protocols in which the Spanish jurisdiction would require Betsoft titles to be adopted by the operators that are locally approved. iTech Laboratories were at the forefront of creating guidelines for Internet Gaming that authorities worldwide are now using.

What is the actual market potential in Spain?

Spain had been a significant market to which the online gaming organizations are committed to providing accredited and technologically authorized content. The present growth in Spain is enormous.

The online gaming companies like Betsoft see a 21% increase in the amount of GGR. Most of the growth is due to the increasing success of betting online, which already exceeds 25% of GGR. The Spanish businesses will now have complete access to the content to enable them to distinguish themselves in the market.

There is, of course, an increasing number of new buyers, but also an accelerating movement of players becoming advocates for online changes. It, in turn, catalyzes the fascinating multiplier effect in their social environments and therefore drives more of their peers to sign up for the digital world.

It indicates the new wave of online gaming competitors and reflects a vast potentiality far beyond regular bastion. A lot of support suggests that further development is likely abroad, as talks about the integration of  Pay N Play Casinos in Spain are circulating.

What are the chances of succeeding for operators in Spain?

According to the experts, it's all about the potential of online gaming. The possibility to cross the retail and digital divide in regulated markets is by far the most significant opportunity for all players, and Betsoft should focus on this unique opportunity.

Brands with a strong presence now have a substantial advantage as they offer the option to play online or offline depending on the customers' preferences. It means that they will always be present along the player's journey. Increasingly future customers will be able to participate in betting to promote the business by enabling sponsorships.

The Cutting edge technologies and products developed by Betfoft

Betsoft is a significant casino site and game distributor to online gambling companies. With their games and facilities, they create fantastic video graphics. Betsoft offers several exciting slots games across the market.

The company makes innovative slots that provide 3D interpretations without the requirement for 3D lenses. American Blackjack and European Roulette are the most popular ones. In terms of video graphics and game stories, Betsoft is quite comparable to NetEnt. The games are fun to play and are reviewed regularly.