Casino streaming on Twitch rises in popularity

Casino streaming on Twitch rises in popularity

Live Streamed Casino Games grow in viewership due to lockdown

Once the realm for video games and e-sports the Amazon-owned live streaming service Twitch has seen a growing viewership for live casino games.

Live-streamed editions of games such as Poker, Blackjack, and Slots are nothing particularly new but they have risen in popularity because of sites like Twitch that make it easier than ever before to build up an audience.

Casino streaming manages to capture the feeling of playing a live casino game and turns it into an entertainment show. As a result, more and more pro players are live-streaming their experiences to followings that can reach tens of thousands.

Live dealer casino streams are the most popular form of content as they give players the opportunity to chat live with both the dealer and other players.

High stakes make for a big audience

Twitch live streaming casino

The biggest casino streamers often have robust financial means meaning that they can play at stakes that regular or casual players normally shy away from. It is not uncommon for the minimum stakes to be five, ten, or even twenty euros. Regular stakes of 50 to 100 euros ensure greater thrills and draws in a larger viewership. Community campaigns, like giveaways and competitions, round off the casino streaming experience.

As well as the tension of the high stakes, streamers are incredibly popular with operators such as Netent and are often asked to trial new titles and promote other products to their fanbases.

Personality is usually the crucial element that makes some streamers more popular than others. TheRealKnossi is considered a pioneer in the field of live casino streaming and regularly streams for his 1.2 million followers. Other rising stars include Damil Bauer and musician Al-Gear.

Despite its popularity, there are also some criticisms of the live streaming community. Doubts often arise about the authenticity of high stakes or winning streaks, but it is worth noting that the likelihood of machines being manipulated for streamers is extremely low as the legal implications for operators far outweigh any benefits to the publicity that would come from a major streamer winning big on one of their games.

Live-streamed casino games are only going to grow in popularity. As figures suggest, the streaming industry has grown 99% in 2020 as the Covid-19 lockdown has left many people with more free time on their hands to watch live streams or even attempt to become a streamer themselves.

It is estimated that Twitch alone broadcasts over 1.6 billion hours’ worth of content to viewers all across the globe. Facebook Gaming and Youtube Gaming also saw boosts to their viewership because of lockdown: 238% and 65% respectively.