Casumo Launches Playtech’s Casino Platform

Casumo Launches Playtech’s Casino Platform

Playtech will provide its casino platform to Casumo for launch in several European locations

These locations include Denmark, Spain, Sweden, and the UK. Casumo has a strong presence in each of these locations already. For the company to use Playtech’s casino platform, it expands on an already strong list of Pay N Play online and live casino games.

Though based in Malta, Casumo has offices in Barcelona which secures its position in Spain. The other three locations have been cornered in just the past few years, though. Just two years ago in 2018, Casumo became a licensed online casino operator in Sweden. In Denmark, they received their license in April of 2019. And for the UK, they opened their UK Sportsbook later that same year.

Casumo seems to be on a roll when it comes to securing their seat in each of these locations, and Playtech’s casino platform can only further help them.

Playtech’s casino platform brings its most popular games to Casumo users

Games like Justice League and the Sporting Legends Suite on Playtech’s casino platform can be accessed by Casumo users.

Aside from these branded games, Casumo is also integrating their Live Casino portfolio of games. Blackjack, Quantum Roulette, and other popular table casino games join the family of fun games already available on Casumo.

The expansion only develops further as 2021 rolls around, with Playtech’s casino platform expanding across Casumo with Dunder and CasinoSecret.

An ongoing relationship between Playtech and Casumo for years to come

Casumo CEO has been quoted saying the brand is more than happy to partner yet again with Playtech for their casino platform integration. The relationship is in good standing and both companies seek to further develop it over the next few years.

Eventually, it seems the goal is to bring Playtech’s casino platform to both established and emerging markets—possibly allowing Casumo to run in countries they currently don’t hold a license in.

Casumo is certainly a force to be reckoned with when it comes to online and live casino games. They haven’t been around for too long, as the company was established in 2012, but they do understand the newly connected world of online games.

Shares increased for Playtech after the announcement

Playtech’s shares increased by an exciting 1.37% after the partnership announcement. This implies that investors on the stock market are happy with Casumo’s use of Playtech’s casino platform.

If these statistics are anything to judge from, then Casumo is becoming one of the best possible services to enjoy online casino games.