Ciaran O'Malley Discusses What Made 2020 So Successful for Trustly

Ciaran O’Malley Discusses What Made 2020 So Successful for Trustly

What made Trustly so successful in 2020?

Though the year was a turbulent year for most people and businesses, Trustly saw plenty of positive changes and growth for their online banking payment solutions.

Between Pay N Play for online casinos, Trustly Live for land casinos, and internal changes for the company, Trustly’s 2020 was a success. Not only, but their moves also set them on a strong path forward for even greater success in 2021.

There is a lot of momentum behind Trustly as a brand and promise behind their online banking payment solutions.

O’Malley Recalls the Origins of Trustly’s Online Payment Solutions

In 2008, Trustly was founded in Stockholm by just three people. Now, those three employees have turned into 350 and their single Stockholm office has expanded into nine offices between Europe and the Americas.

It’s been nearly 13 years since Trustly launched its online banking payment solutions and just 5 since the launch of Pay N Play. Their growth is proof that success is imminent when you evolve. O’Malley states this fact along with the idea that his brand sets trends, doesn’t just follow them, and changes with the industry.

Not necessarily true for the iGaming just yet, there are plenty of examples of successful brands hitting a decline because they refuse to change with the industry in which they operate. Trustly is aware of this and refuses to ignore those changes.

Trustly’s Success Is Due, in Part, to Its Simplicity

Making payments online has always been a bit of a burden for consumers, with several security steps to take, the frequency of declined transactions, and the slow pace at which it all happens.

Trustly’s online banking payment solutions negate those shortcomings. They are faster, more secure, and reduce the possibility of declines almost to 0.

The simplicity of Pay N Play and Scan N Play prevents players from having to leave their moment in order to deposit more cash or pay for the next round. While simplicity may be overlooked by most, it does come with a strategy.

Players are less likely to leave a game if they can deposit funds instantly without even getting up to find their wallets. Casinos can earn more, players can play more, and Trustly’s online banking payment system is at the heart of it all.

O’Malley Confirms Trustly’s Understanding of the Player

Trustly’s online banking payment service is already a huge success. O’Malley confirms, though, that Trustly isn’t stopping anytime soon.

The company understands players and the player experience. They seek to eliminate pain points and innovate even further to create completely risk-free payment solutions. We’ll see what 2021 brings for the company.