DraftKings Ready to Integrate BlueRibbon Software with Acquisition Finalization

DraftKings’ BlueRibbon Acquisition Finished and Software ready to be integrated.

DraftKings ready to integrate BlueRibbon Software

BlueRibbon Software is a gamification business whose technology will improve the customer experience for players on DraftKings’ platform.

Jackpots and tailored rewards are coming to DraftKings players.

With BlueRibbon Software’s jackpot and game tech at DraftKings’ disposal, they are gearing up to roll out personalized promotions as well as tailored rewards and overarching jackpots which are highly sought after by Pay N Play Casino players. This last point will see jackpots with payouts covering all of their products.

Paul Liberman, the co-found of DraftKings and president of global technology and product, stated that BlueRibbon’s tech will allow them to “create dynamic incentives for our users”. By this, he is referring to incentives that span across all of DraftKings’ offerings.

BlueRibbon Software’s leadership and employees will merge into DraftKings’ workforce.

DraftKings has state they intend to keep the employees and heads at BlueRibbon, integrating them into the DraftKings global staff.

BlueRibbon Software was founded in 2017 by two men: Amir Askarov, BlueRibbon’s chief executive, and Dan Fischer, the chief marketing officer.

The broader industry experience and gamification tech are particularly appealing to DraftKings. This will give DraftKings more leverage over customer engagement and differentiation in the market.

Adding to statements about this newfound engagement and leverage opportunity made by Liberman, BlueSoftware’s Askarov added that the acquisition allows them to “strengthen our Tel Aviv-based team” and continue building a platform focused on player experience.

DraftKings recently acquired VSiN (Vegas Sports Information Network) and previously added live streaming to its betting app. We will see how this newest acquisition will be integrated into their services in the coming months.