eSports Pinnacle Cup CS-GO Event Kicks Off

eSports ‘Pinnacle Cup’ CS:GO Event Kicks Off

The 2021 Pinnacle Cup’ CS:GO tournament kicks Off

The event launched in partnership with three online betting and gaming industry service operators: GRID, Relog Media, and Trustly, who's the parent company behind the Pay n Play technology.

Twitch streaming of the event is live.

Data from GRID will support the Pinnacle Cup with production provided by Relog Media. Trustly is a supplementary partner but will equally get its name displayed through player interviews.

The tournament can be streamed on Twitch for fans of the competition or the genre. It will continue throughout the entire month of March, with a grand finale set for early April.

The lineup of players for the ‘Pinnacle Cup’ includes top-tier CS:GO teams.

Teams like GamerLegion, HellRaisers, and CPH Flames kick off the tournament. At the end of the stage, four of the winning teams will continue on to play 12 invited teams like NEMIGA, Winstrike, and GODSent in the Swiss stage.

After the Swiss stage comes the Playoffs where the winning teams will play against four additionally invited teams before heading to the final stage where the top prize is $80,000.

GRID provides the cup with pre-game and live betting solutions.

Through the partnership, GRID will allow betters to play the odds with both pre-game events and live betting markets.

Pinnacle CMO, Ben Cove states “We know Pinnacle delivers the best esports odds, now we want to show that we can run exceptional events that will appeal to everyone,” boasting the company’s position in the esports market.

With all three operators in partnership, the Pinnacle Cup will showcase Pinnacle’s reputation, GRID’s betting capabilities, Trustly’s payment solutions and added-value content, and Relog Media’s production value.