PokerStars Announces New Cultural Ambassador as Brazilian Footballer Neymar Jr

PokerStars Announces New Cultural Ambassador as Brazilian Footballer Neymar Jr

Neymar Jr. to serve as PokerStars New Cultural Ambassador

Neymar’s partnership with Flutter Entertainment grows further by becoming PokerStars’ new cultural ambassador.

The role allows Neymar to be involved in PokerStars’ upcoming creative projects.

He will have some authority over new creative projects, including providing insight and direction with art, design, and music that incorporates aspects of Brazilian culture.

Neymar has already curated a series of playlists for customers of PokerStars that create an atmosphere befitting of every available poker game on the site.

Advertisements that include the footballer have begun to appear since April 14. He also appears on the homepage of as well as other dedicated pages that feature his promotional involvement.

Neymar has big plans for his newfound position with PokerStars.

Music was his first priority, which is why he curated and released those soundtracks. He states that music is a passion of his, making it the top priority. But that isn’t nearly the extent of his contribution, also stating that “there is much more to come.”

The Global Director of Brand and Creative at PokerStars, Martin Nieri, wants the world to see Neymar beyond the fame of his football career. He states, “[Neymar] is a proven creative with a deep interest in the culture around him.”

Of course, Nieri and PokerStars are benefiting from Neymar’s fame. But he is also a cultural icon with insight into how best to expand in the Brazilian market.

They want poker to meet culture, and Neymar is the “perfect fit”. Neymar rejoined PokerStars through their ‘All In’ campaign in December of last year.