Pinnacle Launches $100000 new CSGO eSports Tournament

Pinnacle Launches $100,000 CSGO eSports Tournament

Pinnacle partners with Trustly on major $100,000 CSGO eSports Tournament

The name of the tournament is The Pinnacle Cup and is the culmination of Pinnacle’s partnership with Trustly and Relog Media.

The tournament is scheduled for March and set to finish the first weekend of April. The first prize is $80,000, with the winner in second place receiving $20,000.

Trustly Will Be More Than a Payments Provider for the Tournament

For The Pinnacle Cup, Trustly acts as a partner and will produce content unrelated to its payment service. The types of content expected are player interviews and creatives that will enhance the experience for fans and viewers.

Trustly is a leading payments provider, focusing on direct debit payment solutions. The company has quickly risen in the past couple of years and has earned much praise along the way. This tournament will help Trustly in its endeavor for global payment domination, especially in the realm of eSports. Currently, Trustly has something of a monopoly on online betting for casinos and recently introduced its service to in-person casinos.

Relog Media Is the eSports Bible Production Company and Will Use GRID as its Data Partner

If you are unfamiliar with Relog Media, they are the production and broadcasting company behind the eSports Bible (TEBTV).

For The Pinnacle Cup, Relog Media has partnered with GRID for its data solutions. This refers to streaming capabilities in which GRID will oversee. The eSports experience is equally important for live viewers as well as online fans who will more than likely participate via popular streaming service Twitch.

Here’s How The Pinnacle Cup Competition Is Broken Down

There are three phases to The Pinnacle Cup: the group state, swiss stage, and play-offs. Three teams have already been announced, which are GamerLegion, Winstrike, and Nemiga. 16 teams will be part of the group stage, later joining 12 organizations on the swiss stage. Finally, the play-offs include 8 teams who will battle for the cup.