SoftSwiss Updates Pay N Play by Trustly for Online Casinos

SoftSwiss’ Online Casinos receive the latest Trustly’s Pay N Play update

SoftSwiss' Online Casinos receive the latest Trustly's Pay N Play update

The update allows SoftSwiss’ online casino clients to enable Trustly Pay N Play in all available markets seamlessly. The reasoning behind this move is to offer a better user experience that doesn’t alter depending on a player’s physical location.

Trustly’s Pay N Play is offered to partners operating on SoftSwiss since 2020.

Trustly’s solution has already been proven its efficiency by completely eliminating the user verification process for making payments. This will help retain customers for longer as they can play more online casino games for longer without the annoyance or disruption of leaving to increase their gaming funds.

Trustly is a universally trusted payments provider. Users could be more inclined to play on a SoftSwiss operator’s casino if they see Trustly’s name, increasing conversion rates.

Pay instantly, play instantly. That’s the motive behind Trustly’s Pay N Play.

Pay N Play is the latest tech that Trustly has produced, and it allows players to instantly deposit funds after starting an online casino game. There are fewer requirements to proceed through before being able to play a user’s game of choice, making this an appealing option to players of all kinds.

SoftSwiss’s PSP Team Lead, Vadim Drozd, states “the new Pay N Play update will help our clients to save precious time as well as build and increase player loyalty.” He believes that by providing the latest tech solutions to clients, they will have a more positive experience with business development. The same can be said for customers.

It was just one year ago that SoftSwiss announced they would provide their white label casinos with Trustly Pay N Play. That offering continues today with even more potential for growth.