Sportradar Partners with Forza Football for App Ad Management

Sportradar Partners with Forza Football for App Ad Management

Sportradar lands a new major partnership

Forza Football’s live score app will utilize Sportradar’s ad:s marketing and advertising solution to manage the app’s marketing inventory. It will even enable personalized advertising and messaging through the Marketing Cloud platform.

The Partnership Will Maximize Forza Football’s Marketing Inventory and More

Sportradar will optimize Forza Football’s ad placements to prioritize odds-first integrations through its experience with marketing requirements related to bookmaking. This will maximize the app’s marketing inventory as well as optimize the ads and marketing potential of each ad, making for a more personalized experience for the user.

This personalization is done through Sportradar’s API-based statistics data. Forza Football’s live score app will utilize this data to develop the content offered on the app.

Huge Marketing Potential through Forza Football’s App

Patrik Arnesson, the co-founder and chief executive of Forza Football, states “Forza Football’s unprecedented engagement represents huge marketing potential for brands and Sportradar is the perfect partner”.

Their app sees millions of users worldwide. By utilizing a marketing platform as successful as Sportradar’s, the app will undoubtedly reach a new high between ad revenue and user engagement.

Using Sportradar for Advertising, Forza Football Can Focus on Growth

Instead of diverting funds and attention towards their own marketing and advertising schemes, Sportradar will handle that for them on the app. Plus, the ads that appear will be better and more relevant with time-sensitive content and personalized content.

This allows Forza Football to focus their efforts on improving the app, to “redefine and reinvent what a live score product is and can be,” according to Arnesson.

Sportradar’s chief product officer, Rainer Geier, added to Arnesson’s excitement that their ad:s platform is “unrivaled” when it comes to delivering targeted marketing campaigns efficiently.

Both parties are enthusiastic to see what’s in store for the future of Forza Football’s app and Sportradar’s potential.