StarGames’ Parent Company-Greentube-Gets an Official License in Germany

StarGames’ Parent Company, Greentube, Gets an Official License in Germany


Greentube Back in Germany

Greentube is getting back to its roots after acquiring an official license in Germany. This may bring up some confusion as StarGames is already available in Germany.

Currently, StarGames only offers in-game currency to the German market. This is because Greentube wasn’t officially licensed, and therefore could not allow players to use real money. With this official license, Greentube will finally be able to allow players to use their real money to play StarGames’ online casino games without the need for in-game currency.

The official license puts Greentube in a position to make a strong comeback in the German market, and maybe join the evergrowing Pay n Play Casinos niche.

Greentube Has Been Planning This Comeback for Years

By withdrawing the real money games and services from StarGames many years ago, Greentube was positioning itself for approval of an official German license.

It may sound like an odd strategy—why remove your games if you plan to bring them back to the market? Won’t this anger the players? Especially since there are other online casinos in full operation, like Goslotty.

The issue comes from licensing requirements and conditions. For a company to receive an official German license, strenuous legal and financial security conditions must be met. Meeting these requirements would be difficult for a company to administer while maintaining full functionality. If something went awry, it would anger consumers even further and losses would be greater.

StarGames and Greentube Are in Total Compliance with Responsible Gambling Practices

Responsible gambling practices are being pushed heavily this year by many countries and organizations. Greentube is just the latest to adhere to them officially in the German market.

Previously, the amount you could bet via slot machines was limitless which allows for players to lose massive sums of money in a single game. With this new official license, players will only be able to wager one or two euros per round.

Playtime is also seeing a change, with games lasting at a minimum of five seconds. Players are less likely to lose large sums within a short period of time if the games last longer, further promoting Greentube’s stance on responsible gambling practices.

There are many other improvements to the platform in the sense of responsibility. A €1000 limit per month will be issued for deposits, autoplay features will be removed, and forced player breaks will be implemented. This is all to ensure the financial safety of the players.

Greentube Is Not Alone in Its Application for an Official License in Germany

While Greentube is making headlines, many other gambling platforms—large and small—are in the process of applying for an official license in Germany. The licensing process is time-consuming and rigorous but well worth it for both players and the gambling platforms they play on.

Just a few months ago, GVC Holdings received a license to operate in Germany. The end of 2020 is seeing a boom for German online casinos, and that growth can only improve as the year finishes.

The online gambling community in Germany is looking mighty bright this coming summer. We’ll have to see who else obtains a license and how much this impacts the community, platform, and country in the coming months.