A faster 5G mobile network to boost the online gambling industry

A Survey proves A faster 5G mobile network to boost the online gambling industry

A Better mobile network via 5G could boost the online gambling industry.

Paysafe is one of the biggest providers of prepaid cards and bank less online payments in the world. According to recent studies conducted by the company, the latest progress in the 5G communication technology could result in significant developments in mobile betting. The company reached the above conclusion thanks to an ongoing survey conducted on fans of sports betting in western Europe and the United States. More than ever, our everyday life is conditioned by the usage of mobile devices. So, it is true that a significant improvement of the speed at which our devices communicate through the 5G network will encourage users to play more frequently from their smartphones.

Why is Paysafe so interested in the 5G technology?

There is a constantly growing number of online casinos and sports betting fans using the different payment options offered by the Paysafe Groupe. The company’s biggest markets are the US and western European countries. These countries are at the forefront of new technologies and currently working to provide complete 5G network coverage to millions of users in the coming months.

For these reasons, it is more than wise for a company to carry out market studies to accurately assess the future developments of the technologies used by the majority of its potential clients. Among the clients using services provided by the Paysafe Groupe, many are online casinos and sports betting fans.

The super-fast internet network communication standard “5th Generation” is due to be accessible to the mass shortly. 5G will drastically increase and stabilize the speed at which data is transmitted on mobile networks and devices. The current download and upload speeds could be multiplied by 10 to 20 times.

The evolution of mobile data technologies from analog telecommunications to 5G
The evolution of mobile network technologies from analog telecommunications to 5G.

The survey’s main purpose is to evaluate the importance of the new communication standard in the different industries relying on the quality of the data transmissions. The company also intends to know if the coming of 5G will have a concrete impact on the way players engage in online gambling activities over their mobile phones or tablets.

What did we learn from the survey?

In the Survey, participants were asked to give an insight into the new technology, and also describe what were their expectations on the changes that will be brought by 5G tech. The current survey also aims to determine the markets' need for faster deposit and withdrawal means over mobile networks.

Of the hundreds of users who participated in the survey, more than 60% rely on mobile devices to access online content. 22% confessed to getting frustrated by slow or unresponsive gambling experiences on smartphones. 41% affirmed that a faster mobile network via 5G will increase their use of mobile platforms for betting activities. 21% of the participants admitted that a better network connection and faster payment methods will increase their bankroll limit.

Based on the recorded survey results, the 5G technology will ultimately reshape the way we consume and participate in online activities on our mobile devices. Of course, provided that the new technology achieves a worldwide coverage faster than currently estimated timeline.