Swedish Horse Betting Monopoly Files Lawsuit Against Svenska Spel

Swedish Horse Betting Monopoly Files Lawsuit Against Svenska Spel

ATG Files Lawsuit Against Svenska Spel

AB Trav och Galopp (ATG), who holds a monopoly on the horse betting industry in Sweden, is filing a lawsuit against the state-owned gambling operator Svenska Spel over trademark violation.

The Trademark Lawsuit Against Svenska Spel Is in Reference to “Trav och Galopp”

The term was coined, patented, and trademarked by ATG in 1973. With the announcement that Svenska Spel will be a direct competitor of ATG, they have also been using the term “trav och galopp”.

For Svenska Spel to use this term, ATG’s legal representative Per Ericsson claims the company is in direct violation of the trademark rights owned by ATG.

Svenska Spel, a partner of NetEnt, was made aware of this violation well before the lawsuit. Even so, the company decided to continue using the phrase in its marketing campaigns. The lawsuit will continue in the Patent and Market Court.

Svenska Spel May Claim Financial Support Meant for the Horse Racing Industry

Because Svenska Spel is state-owned, ATG is claiming they are redirecting financial resources from the horse racing industry, Essentially, money that should be going into operation and maintenance of the industry as a whole will now have another expenditure: Svenska Spel.

ATG is currently the only company that financially supports the maintenance of the horse racing industry in Sweden. The company has stated that it is not against friendly competition in the industry. However, it is worried that Svenska Spel will reallocate the funds necessary to aid in the industry’s upkeep.

ATG Revenue Grew by 18.3% in Q3 of 2020

Most of this revenue can be attributed to the horse racing industry. Outwardly, ATG claims to welcome competition but Svenska Spel will understandably lessen the revenue if allowed to operate.

The online casino industry in Sweden is currently stressed due to the coronavirus pandemic. This in large is due to the 5000 kr cap per week set for online gambling during this time.

However, the horse racing industry has seen a significant rise in sales, nonetheless.

Svenska Spel hasn’t responded to the lawsuit yet. There may still be time for compliance before being seen in court for the company, though time is running out for an amicable agreement.