GoFundMe Partners with Trustly for Better Verification

Users of GoFundMe can now use Trustly to conduct faster transactions

GoFundMe Partners with Trustly for Better Verification

GoFundMe is the world’s largest fundraising platform and now it will use Trustly’s leading payment tech for better payment verification on the platform.

Through Trustly, GoFundMe users can access their money faster.

Trustly employs a two-step process to verify GoFundMe user credentials. Once verified, these users can directly transfer funds raised to their bank accounts. In this case, the first step of that process is verification by GoFundMe’s own security team. The second step is logging into the bank of choice. This way, users create a direct connection between their GoFundMe account and their bank by using Trustly’s famously fast and secure service.

Right now, users of GoFundMe in North America may already see this option. More countries will have the service available soon.

The partnership makes secure financial transfers feel native on GoFundMe.

Both companies have transparent aims to protect user data, credentials, and identifying information. Thus, it only makes sense that GoFundMe would want to use Trustly’s service for their platform.

Though Trustly is a third-party service provider here, the verification process and functionality feel native on the platform.

Trustly’s Chief Business Officer, Craig Mcdonald, is quoted saying that because of GoFundMe’s interest in Trustly’s processing tech, it confirms the quality of their value-added service. He states, “We are proud to work with a market-leading innovator” when speaking about GoFundMe. The same is often said about Trustly, themselves.

In addition, the Head of Platform Engineering at GoFundMe, Vincent Sloan states, “Trustly’s identity information services complement the security and trust we have built up”. This comes after referencing how important GoFundMe is to people the world over when seeking a reliably safe way to raise money.