Yggdrasil Will Supply new games to Veikkaus retail locations

Yggdrasil to supply a new portfolio of games to Veikkaus’ physical Casinos

Veikkaus to enter the physical retail sector amid new partnership Yggdrasil

Games developed by Yggdrasil will start appearing on Veikkaus, the state-owned casino gaming operator in Finland.

Specifically, this applies to the casino gaming operator’s VLT (video lottery terminal) selection. Yggdrasil’s games will start appearing on the operator’s platform sometime in the middle of 2021.

This past October, Betsson joined Yggdrasil in a similar method, gaining the ability to distribute games on Yggdrasil’s GATI tech. Now with Veikkaus joining the list of partners for the Swedish-owned iGaming studio, the offerings from Yggdrasil are reaching even further.

Retail Partnership Falls Perfectly in Line with Both Parties

The casino gaming operator’s VP of Casino Games, Jan Hagelberg stated that:

Veikkaus is now ready to allow trusted partners to supply their games to retail customers.

Yggdrasil is the first announced trusted partner.

A retail partnership fits perfectly well within the game developer’s plans, too. Bjorn Krantz, the Chief of Global Market Operations at Yggdrasil, has stated that expanding into the retail space after conquering the Pay n Play casino niche fits well into Yggdrasil’s omnichannel strategy.

Retail Operations Allow for Expanded Access and Familiarization for Gaming Content

The benefits for both parties are clear. For the casino gaming operator, a new set of games from a company that’s trusted among its players will help to drive new business and customer retention.

For Yggdrasil, allowing their iGaming content to appear in physical retail locations also has its benefits. They can attract new customers who may not want to gamble at home or enjoy doing it in a dedicated space. Though Finland is just the start, it’s easy to see how expansive partnerships with casino gaming operators throughout Europe can go.

It also helps Yggdrasil branch off into the retail space, which may open new doors for them in the future. While iGaming is a burgeoning industry, physical casinos will always have their appeal.

Allowing customers at the casino gaming operator’s locations to familiarize themselves with Yggdrasil’s content will drive also drive the idea that customers can enjoy these games from anywhere, anytime they want.

Innovation Is at the Forefront of the VLT Partnership for the Casino Gaming Operator

Yggdrasil is one of the most innovative iGaming developers around, winning several awards and operating in several other countries like Sweden , The Netherlands, and Norway.

Specifically, Yggdrasil’s GATI tech is what seems to drive their recent success. GATI stands for Game Adaptation Tools and Interface and it allows casino gaming operators to develop games based on regulation-compliant pre-configurations.

Veikkaus isn’t building their own content on Yggdrasil’s tech, though that may not be far off. The state-owned casino gaming operator is successful with its retail spaces. Once they see the outcome of this new partnership, they may very well dip their toes into the waters of iGaming development through an even stronger partnership with Yggdrasil.