888 Introduces Updated Control Centre for Safer Gambling

888 Introduces Updated Control Centre for Safer Gambling

New safety features roll out later this month for 888 sites.

Players on any of the gambling operator 888’s sites can benefit from safer gambling features and an improved control center later this month.

After 888’s partnership with Authentic Gaming earlier this year, it’s no surprise they’re interested in introducing new features to their newly expanded audience.

Understanding gambling habits is important for the financial health and safety of the player. While 888 certainly wants to keep players on their platform, they want their players to be better informed about how they’re interacting.

Safer gambling at Pay n Play Casinos is better for the player and 888, where they can now be viewed as a benchmark for the way gambling operators treat their users. The new features and control center will roll out later this month to all users across the wide range of 888 sites.

A one-stop-shop for viewing safer gambling statistics.

The new control center is accessible from the homepage. It allows the player to view their activities, spending, time, and more all in one place. This creates a safer gambling environment by informing the player of their habits with relatively real-time metrics.

While the initiative doesn’t force the player to stop, it does provide the necessary information so they can take action towards their own safer gambling habits.

Gambling has risen in the past decade with easier access through any of our devices. With such easy access, it’s easy for players to overspend unknowingly. The introduction of this Control Centre is 888’s way of combatting player ignorance.

This was announced as part of 888’s Safer Gambling Week. It’s aimed at allowing players to access safer gambling tools more easily while increasing their visibility. This comes from 888’s chief executive, Itai Pazner, who also stated that safer gambling features will be available in the coming months.

Part of a safer gambling initiative going forward for 888.

Pazner goes on to say the addition of the Control Centre:

“These changes reflect our commitment to investing resources and expertise to create industry-leading, user-friendly, and AI-driven safe gambling tools.”

888 wants customers to make responsible decisions regarding their gambling activity. The introduction of this Control Centre is just the beginning of the company’s plan to ensure safer gambling. Though they haven’t announced what the upcoming safety features are, players can spend this time familiarizing themselves with the new Control Centre.

This comes after an announcement earlier this year from the UKGC to prohibit credit card use, which shows an even greater initiative for safety within gambling facilities. It seems gambling in the UK, whether online or in-person, is starting to focus more on the wellbeing of its participants.

2020 has also seen a push for companies to be more transparent in their behaviors. 888 has joined that bandwagon. With the new Control Centre, players can view transparent insights on their activities and act accordingly for a safer gambling experience.