Trustly partners with Rightlander to deal with affiliate compliance

Trustly partners with Rightlander to deal with affiliate compliance issues

Rightlander to provide affiliate compliance solutions to Trustly

Following a series of interesting developments over the last few months for Trustly, they have recently announced that they are partnering with UK-based affiliate compliance solutions provider Rightlander.

This means that Trustly, the Swedish Fintech firm responsible for the Pay N Play system, is likely to gain a set of new systems which include the Automated Compliance Monitor, PPC Monitor, and Proactive Affiliate Finder. These are all tools that allow firms to have greater insight into the activities of their affiliates, search out promising new affiliates, and protect their integrity.

Founded in 2017, Rightlander provides dedicated compliance monitoring tools that are widely used by operators in the iGaming industry to monitor affiliates, social “media” Casinos, and ad platforms for non-compliant content that may otherwise result in massive fines for operators.

Nicole Mittion, head of Customer Success at, commented:

The Rightlander platform makes this process easy and efficient and ensures operators and suppliers can be confident that the affiliates they are working with are fully compliant with the rules and regulations they must adhere to. We are delighted to have joined forces with Trustly and Footstock to help them improve their affiliate compliance initiatives.

Vasilije Lekovic, director of gaming at Trustly, added:

At Trustly, we take responsible gambling very seriously, and it’s great to have a trusted partner like Rightlander that can help us promote it.

Other big companies in the industry such as Footstock also sought the expertise of Rightlander. Footstock is a fantasy football site that allows users to collect, buy, and trade digital football cards to build up the best possible club. They operate a robust affiliate program that utilizes highly competitive CPA rates so it is perhaps unsurprising that the firm is investing in new ways of monitoring and regulating their affiliates.

James Copeland, chief marketing officer at Footstock, discussed this new arrangement in further detail:

Rightlander is a key component in our ongoing endeavor to ensure Footstock and our growing affiliate network take responsible gambling as seriously as possible. We’ve already benefited from their great software and customer service.

The industry continues to push towards better policing and scrutiny of iGaming

In an industry that is increasingly concerned about unethical practices, Rightlander has also recently launched its new ‘Radar’ system which identifies unethical and misleading messages behind paywalls. Subscription content can be incredibly difficult to regulate.

Tipsters matched betting sites and affiliate newsletters often fly under the radar using direct mail, software downloads, or password access to distribute content.

The service was made available to all iGaming operators from August 2020 to begin identifying and monitoring private channels that carry this content and investigate serious incidents or issues highlighted by the regulator.

Radar has been introduced as a response to increased scrutiny from UK regulators but other countries are also seeking to introduce stricter regulations. The Maltese and Dutch Gaming Authorities recently agreed to pool their resources together to combat the increasing presence of illicit activities within the iGaming industry.

This announcement was unsurprising considering the news that the Netherlands had submitted new gambling legislation to the European Commission.