The Conclusion of Japanese Casino Policy Is Finally Published

The Conclusion of Japanese Casino Policy Is Finally Published

All you need to know about Japan's long-awaited Casino policy

The document is titled ‘Basic Policy’ and sets the criteria needed for jurisdictions to host one of the upcoming casino resorts in Japan. Though the document, itself, is not entirely new, the concluding statements in it are.

Now the competition to host the three upcoming casino resorts in Japan begins for any interested province.

Japan’s Casino Policy Has Been Met with Several Delays

Back in October, the majority of Japan’s ‘Basic Policy’ was released, but it was met with concern and setbacks. The setbacks weren’t related to the material in Japan’s casino policy document, rather they were caused by the pandemic and bribery allegations.

The coronavirus pandemic has held back the growth of most industries this year, except the online casino sector which is experiencing steady growth. In part due to the success of Pay n Play Casinos. It’s understandable that policies relating to casino resorts in Japan would not take priority over other countrywide issues.

The final segment of the ‘Basic Policy’ states the requirements for meetings between public officials and community representatives due to the pandemic. All parties must meet in government buildings and must abide by precautionary rules to prevent the spread of the virus.

The allegations of bribery were against legislator Tsukasa Akimoto.

The Criteria to Host a Casino Resort in Japan is Incredibly Demanding

All future casino resorts in Japan must invest back into their host community is one of the biggest requirements. However, it does make sense to respect the area and protect it. Otherwise, there could be adversities that affect the resort, itself.

Casinos aren’t oblivious to making charitable donations or taking initiatives to care for their communities and environment. Casino resorts in Japan wouldn’t be the first to take such initiatives, whether it’s forced or voluntary.

Safer gambling measures are currently being produced and implemented across European casinos. Casino resorts in Japan will have to implement some form of safer gambling scheme, as well. The ‘Basic Policy’ mandates that impacts such as crime and problem gambling will have to be eliminated.

Finally, the ‘Basic Policy’ must be run by a financially stable organization and affect the local and countrywide economy positively. Of course, an unstable organization is unlikely to meet the other criteria.

July 2022 Is the Deadline for Interested Provinces to Place Their Bids

This gives time for smaller jurisdictions to decide if and how they can host one of the three upcoming casino resorts in Japan.

There is already stronger headway, however, for larger cities like Osaka to meet the criteria and create a more appealing bid to receive one of the licenses.

Japan isn’t the only country giving out licenses, with European countries already receiving requests to begin handing them out in early 2021.