Google Announces Anti-Gambling Advertising Tool

Google Announces Anti-Gambling/Alcohol Advertising Tool


Google developing new tools to combat the over-advertising of addictive products

The anti-gambling tool is specific to YouTube and allows users to have more control over advertising related to gambling. These advertisements can be disabled entirely if the user desires.

The anti-gambling tool also allows users to disable advertisements related to alcohol. It is more of an anti-addiction tool than solely anti-gambling.

Anti-Gambling Tools for Parents

This is particularly helpful in reference to parental controls. While the tool is great for adults who want to avoid any stimulus related to a prior addiction, it’s also great for parents who want to keep their children from being influenced.

YouTube already has limited advertisements for children’s accounts and kid-friendly videos. But children don’t always watch kid-friendly videos or from a kid’s account. In these cases, it’s helpful to avoid the promotion of adult games and products.

Google Has Been Under Fire Regarding Gambling Advertising

Back in October of 2020, Google was fined in Italy in relation to gambling advertising. The company is now taking matters seriously by releasing this new anti-gambling advertising tool.

This wasn’t a sudden event, even if the reaction seems quick. Google had been receiving a lot of negative feedback from users of YouTube regarding the ads they see.

Google already offers YouTube users some level of control over the ads they see. The anti-gambling advertising tool strengthens those abilities. For countries that have legal restrictions regarding gambling-related advertising, the feature won’t be available because those types of ads will be removed completely.

2020 Saw Great Attention for Anti-Gambling Measures

The news of Google’s anti-gambling advertising tool is a first for a platform not related to iGaming or casinos. But anti-gambling measures are not new for the world and attention for it was strong in 2020.

Most recently, Japan concluded its casino policy that includes measures regarding gambling safety and community safety. Though this isn’t strictly anti-gambling related, measures regarding anti-gambling advertising could easily be included in future updates or offers from Japanese municipalities interested in hosting a casino.

Along similar lines of control as YouTube, gambling operator 888 released a gambling safety feature that allows users to limit time and money spent on their platform.

Also, many European countries are submitting new regulations regarding the iGaming industry. These regulations include measures that combat addiction and unsafe gambling.

Google is following suit in a long line of updates towards safer gambling. Their anti-gambling advertising tool helps control unnecessary exposure or manipulation towards gambling which in turn helps people play safely.